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What's New!
We're excited about offering Ukulele classes, both for adults
and kids!  Short, six-week classes will get you started on an
easy and fun instrument.  You'll be playing songs the very
first lesson, and by end of the session, you'll know enough
chords to play just about any song!

A new group violin class for kids is starting!  This is a great
class to get started and meet new friends.   Violin set-up,
basic techniques, beginning note-reading and simple
melodies will be covered. Handouts will be provided, and
weekly review of the previous week’s material will be
played. This is the perfect class to get started, and then
continue on with private lessons. No previous musical
experience is necessary. Required supplies are a violin,
bow, rosin, case, shoulder rest and folder for the handouts.

Not sure about studying guitar or piano?  How about a six-
week "starter" series of lessons.  You pay for five lessons,
and get the sixth one free!  This is a perfect opportunity to
try an instrument, and save some money in the process!  
We'll even give you a discount on a guitar rental!

Our first annual Student/Teacher Benefit Concert was a
huge success, and lots of fun!  All the proceeds were given
to Alameda Family Services, a local agency that helps at-risk
youth and families.  We're looking forward to doing it again
next year!

Did you know we sell starter guitars and music accessories?
We have 3/4 size acoustic guitars for kids and teenagers,
and we sell strings, tuners, straps, picks, metronomes, and
much more!

We're really excited about our newest offerings, Piano Plus
for Kids,
Kid's Ukulele, and Get Your "Glee" On Vocal
Piano Plus is the perfect next step after Rhythm Rascals,
utilizing many of those fun, group-oriented activities with
formal piano instruction.  Many children learn better while in
a small group, where there is less emphasis on performing
and more on games, singing and movement activities.

We're offering a new class named "Get Your Glee On".  This
is your chance to sing in a relaxed, small group class, where
you'll practice songs that you choose, and learn how to
project and feel comfortable in a small group setting.

Some of our new class offerings

Love to sing, but afraid to do it in front of others?  How about getting your
feet wet in front of a small group of supportive fellow students and an
enthusiastic teacher!  You’ll receive valuable aid in choosing the right keys,
proper tempos, stage presence and breath control.  You choose a few
songs, and each week you’ll sing them while gaining important insights for
improving your performance.  Any musical styles are welcome, and you’ll
receive weekly piano accompaniment.  This class is the perfect next step
after home singing or private vocal lessons.  An informal concert will be
presented at the end of eight weeks, with friends and family invited.
The instructor, Ellen St. Thomas, has extensive experience with teaching
group singing, having taught for the Mountain View School District and the
Community School for Music and the Arts.  She is currently the choral
assistant for Campolindo High School in Moraga, and also conducts the
adult choir at Lake Park United Methodist Church in Oakland.

Your child can now experience the advantage of private lessons combined
with the fun and interaction that a group setting provides.  Formal piano
instruction is creatively combined with singing, movement and tactile
activities such as “Move and Freeze”, “Musical Chairs” and “Name That
Song”.  The musical staff is explained by kids jumping from note to note
using black ropes, and a musical version of baseball is used to count
rhythms.  The class size is limited to five, so that maximum interaction and
individual attention can be assured.  The idea is to emphasize important
musical fundamentals in a creative, hands-on manner, while at the same
time teaching piano fundamentals.  Designed for children 5 to 7 years old.

Open to children seven to twelve years of age, this class is a valuable
adjunct to your child’s private lessons.  Too many times children learn an
instrument privately without the fun, challenge and excitement of playing
with others in a structured group setting.  Simple classical, folk and popular
pieces will be arranged for group playing, and an informal performance will
be given to friends and family at sessions’ end.  Prerequisite:  at least one
years experience and basic note-reading ability.  Open to violin, viola, cello,
bass and guitar students.
The instructor, Ilana Matfis, is a freelance violist and teacher in the San
Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Masters degree in viola performance from
the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and a B.A. in music from
Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  Ilana is a member of the Sacramento
Philharmonic and the Berkeley Symphony, the violist of the Presidio String
Quartet, and the viola coach for the Berkeley Youth Orchestra.

Here’s your chance to learn the great classics from the “Guitar Hero”
game!  Playing these songs in a game is one thing, but actually learning
them on the guitar is the next important step towards playing in a band!  
You’ll learn all important facets of a song:  rhythm parts, lead riffs, vocals
and song arrangement.  You’ll also learn the pentatonic scale in different
positions, so you can improvise or devise your own solos.  You’ll learn
songs like “Heart Shaped Box, “Sweet Child of Mine”, and many more!

If you need extra or private space for your profession, or for practicing or
rehearsing, our music school has it for you. Space may be rented by the
hour, and weekly blocks of time may be arranged for as well.  The price is
negotiable.  Please call 769-0195 for more info.